About the NLA Schools Licence

The paid-for Licence offered by NLA media access (NLA) is suitable for any school (a full time educational establishment with a normal admission age of under 16 years) that copies from both printed newspapers and newspaper websites for educational use.  

The NLA appointed Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) as exclusive agent for the issuing of NLA licences to UK educational establishments.  This means that schools will now benefit from consistent terms, and the single point of contact and centralised administration which will simplify and streamline the licensing process. 

Terms & Conditions of the Licence

For the purposes of the NLA Schools Licence a School is defined as a full time educational establishment with a normal admission age of under 16 years.   The licence grants the following rights to schools and authorised persons for educational and teaching purposes:  

  • Making of paper copies
  • Distribution of paper copies
  • Scanning of material to produce digital copies or use of available digital copies        
  • Creation of digital copies by retyping extracts of material
  • View and open digital copies from a secure network  

For further details please read the full NLA Schools Licence Terms and Conditions.    

Titles Covered by the Licence

The Licence covers all UK national printed newspapers and websites (except Financial Times which requires a direct licence). In addition, the repertoire includes over 1400 UK regional printed newspapers and 1000 newspaper websites plus 500 foreign print newspapers.   For a list of NLA Newspapers and NLA Newspaper Websites covered by the Licence please refer to the NLA UK and Foreign Newspaper repertoire and the NLA Newspaper Websites repertoire.  

Applying for the Schools Licence

The CLA, as exclusive agent for NLA, grants a licence to Schools in the United Kingdom to reproduce articles from NLA Newspapers and NLA Newspaper Websites. To verify your licence status or to apply for a Licence, please visit the CLA website or contact the CLA by telephone 020 7400 3171 or email education.customers@cla.co.uk